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Project Logan

project-logan2My name is Robin Clark, and I have a 7-year-old son with Aspergers. A friend and I were talking about how many needy families with autistic children in our area could benefit from a weighted blanket, but can’t afford the expense to buy one.

We came up with an idea on how to help, but we need some help from other people also. If we could get cash or supply donations, we could make a bunch of these blankets, give them to our local pediatricians, and let them decide who to give them to.

A brand new weighted blanket can cost as much as $400. Even lap blankets area close to $100. I made one for my son (48 x 60 and 8 pounds) and it cost right around $50. I can make a lap blanket for less than $20.

The supplies that are needed are weighted poly pellets (the most expensive part), 1 1/2 yards of fabric for lap blankets, twin size sheets for full size blankets, and thread. Having an autistic child is mentally and physically exhausting on both the child and the parent. Having a weighted blanket could offer some relief for needy families, and we think that this project could really change lives for people.

We are a non-profit organization that consists only of volunteers and is strictly run on donations. Together, we make and donate weighted blankets for children with autism that come from needy families.

Teresa Jordan wrote:
It works! I haven’t seen our daughter this sound asleep in weeks and months! She liked the feel and touch of her new blanket tonight before falling asleep too. Thank you so much Robin Clark and Project Logan Volunteer Crew!!!

Jo Bjorholm wrote:
I am so proud of you and your efforts. It is important that we have something to put our efforts into. It reminds us that there are others worse off than ourselves and gives us faith that the future can be better. Keep up the faith and don’t let frustration stop you from trying.

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