Current Programs

The Link – Central hub for connecting parents and professionals with resources. Parent mentors help other parents navigate the system. Located at Centralia College, Child & Family Studies, 220 S Rock Street, Centralia, WA  Phone: 360-623-8596 Email:

Social Skills Training – – Behavior strategies empower children aged 7-15 years of age in a 10-week-long series, 3 times during the year. This program helps youth on the autism spectrum (or kids with other behavioral healthy concerns) to improve social interactions as they develop friendships and a sense of community. Together, parents learn strategies to potentially enhance interactions with their child.  Click here for more information boy.  (360) 736-9391 ext. 464.

Parent Support Group  – Key element of the Social Skills and Summer Spectrum program, parents gain skills and peer connections.

Summer Spectrum Program  – A 10-week program that strengthens social skills of children on the autism spectrum, from 3 to 8 years of age, and provides parent/guardian support and training.

The 2017 program takes place from 10:00AM to 12:00PM Wednesday and Thursday each week beginning July 5 and 6, through August 31, 2017.  Located at the Children’s Lab School at Centralia College. For more information or to register contact: Donna Burkhart. Phone at (360) 736-9391 ext. 69. Email:

SPARCSPARC (Specialized Activities and Recreation) Summer Sports Camp – This one-week older kids-to-adult-day camp will take place August 7-11, 2017. Campers experience a natural camp setting and participate in basketball, softball, soccer, weight training, volleyball, bocce ball and Frisbee target golf skills events.

Volunteers are needed for craft helpers, 1:1 support and activity leaders! Students and caregivers needing community hours will receive a certificate.

A partnership of SPARC Program and the Autism Coalition, this fun, fast-paced camp runs from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. To register or to Volunteer: call Paula at 360-748-6789.
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Annual Conference – Keynote speaker, informative workshops, vendors and more. In 2017, the event took place Friday, October 27 at Centralia College. The theme was “Planning for Lifelong Success.   See more details.

SMART – (School Medical Autism Review Team)  The School Medical Autism Review Team engages school and medical professionals in a team setting to review a child’s needs and to ensure appropriate services that can support their success in school and life. SMART is a local center of excellence and provides diagnosis locally.

For SMART information contact Nikki Young at Phone: (360) 736-6778.  Email:

These tools were developed and piloted by members of the Lewis County Autism Coalition.