Current Programs

The Link – Central hub for connecting parents and professionals with resources. Parent mentors help other parents navigate the system. Located at Centralia College, Child & Family Studies, 220 S Rock Street, Centralia, WA  Phone: 360-623-8596 Email:

Social Skills Training – – Behavior strategies empower children aged 7-15 years of age in a 10-week-long series, 3 times during the year. This program helps youth on the autism spectrum (or kids with other behavioral healthy concerns) to improve social interactions as they develop friendships and a sense of community. Together, parents learn strategies to potentially enhance interactions with their child.  Click here for more information boy.  (360) 736-9391 ext. 464.

Parent Support Group  – Key element of the Social Skills and Summer Spectrum program, parents gain skills and peer connections.

Summer Spectrum Program  – A 10-week program that strengthens social skills of children on the autism spectrum, from 3 to 8 years of age, and provides parent/guardian support and training.

The 2017 program takes place from 10:00AM to 12:00PM Wednesday and Thursday each week beginning July 5 and 6, through August 31, 2017.  Located at the Children’s Lab School at Centralia College. For more information or to register contact: Donna Burkhart. Phone at (360) 736-9391 ext. 69. Email:

SPARCSPARC (Specialized Activities and Recreation) Summer Sports Camp – This one-week older kids-to-adult-day camp will take place August 7-11, 2017. Campers experience a natural camp setting and participate in basketball, softball, soccer, weight training, volleyball, bocce ball and Frisbee target golf skills events.

Volunteers are needed for craft helpers, 1:1 support and activity leaders! Students and caregivers needing community hours will receive a certificate.

A partnership of SPARC Program and the Autism Coalition, this fun, fast-paced camp runs from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. To register or to Volunteer: call Paula at 360-748-6789.
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Annual Conference – Keynote speaker, informative workshops, vendors and more. In 2017, the event will take place Friday, October 27 at Centralia College. This year’s theme is “Planning for Lifelong Success.   See more details.

SMART – (School Medical Autism Review Team)  The School Medical Autism Review Team engages school and medical professionals in a team setting to review a child’s needs and to ensure appropriate services that can support their success in school and life. SMART is a local center of excellence and provides diagnosis locally.

For SMART information contact Nikki Young at Phone: (360) 736-6778.  Email:

These tools were developed and piloted by members of the Lewis County Autism Coalition.